We ship your order one or two days after your payment.
The shipping costs for all countries are
4,40 € for 0-500 g
8,80 € for 501-900 g

For higher weights the shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart. In the checkout you can once again choose between different shipping methods.

Why is the old shipping cost table no longer available?

For a long time the old shipping cost table with the six zones has not reflected the real costs any more. DHL had lowered the prices for some countries and increased them for others. Since the pandemic, there are many countries to which we can only deliver with DHL Express, which has different shipping zones from DHL. We currently have thirty shipping zones. Which shipping is possible to which countries changes weekly.
Instead of the table, which would become too confusing with thirty zones, we are now developing a program that reads the current shipping costs for each country directly from our shop system.